We've been successful. We want to grow.  Why have we hit a wall?

You know it. You can feel it. Even though everything seems fine on the surface, you can sense a tremor that shouldn’t be there. Maybe it’s in your people’s eyes or their performance. Perhaps you caught a glimpse of it in the numbers that crossed your desk. Sometimes the numbers look good, but there’s something else going on. Sometimes the numbers aren’t so good. .

If only you knew how to find it and fix it… because your people are counting on you. That’s where we come in. Jerry Hogan and The Resource Development Group helps you and your team make things better by:
• Helping you understand where you stand now, and where you want to take your company
• Developing leadership skills and attitudes throughout the organization
• Maximizing efficiencies to effectively accomplish your goals and serve your customers
• Developing, implementing, and measuring growth strategies to take your business to the next level by maximizing your response to the
      o People
      o Strategy
      o Execution
      o Cash
Your people gain new understanding in how they interact with each other, and how they relate to your customers and your work processes.
Your staff, supervisors, and managers learn how to build a change-driven, customer-focused environment, and how to use that environment as a springboard to success. They begin to see themselves in terms of their potential. They sharpen their interpersonal skills, and gain tools for setting and accomplishing both professional and personal goals. Your employee team is your company’s most important asset — but it’s often the most underutilized asset as well. Begin changing your people and your company today.

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"I am convinced that these results would not have been possible, or as quickly achieved, without Jerry Hogan's guidance through the process. Real cash was produced, and the operating improvements have now given us the “game changing” customer growth that was identified at the time. Thank you again for a job well done."

~Robert M.

Jerry Hogan

Jerry Hogan, of Warsaw Indiana, is a Certified Gazelles Coach, and since 2000 has been recognized as a leader in the development and implementation of Leadership, Sales, Planning, and Diagnostic processes. In addition to Gazelles certification, Jerry Hogan is also certified in behavioral Analysis, Quality Facilitation, and Sustainability Facilitation.



John Jauregui

John has broad experience in managing human and financial resources in planning, acquiring, developing, producing, and operating business, organization, and technical information systems.