Jerry Hogan

Jerry Hogan is a Certified Gazelles Coach from Warsaw, IN. He is qualified to deliver the 4-Decisions growth process for mid-market companies seeking to grow their businesses quickly, profitably, and enjoyably.

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Jerry Hogan began his career as an officer in the Marines, serving as a combat commander during the evacuation of Saigon, as an artillery battery Executive Officer, and as Executive Officer of Marine Recruiters for Michigan and Indiana.

Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Jerry Hogan enjoyed a 20 year careeer in functions as varied as production manager, Customer Service Manager, Director of Sales Development,  Director of Global Accounts, VP of Sales, and VP Sales & Marketing at various electronics and medical products firms. As area manager for the United States Chamber of Commerce, he received the top award for membership growth. He has a great deal of experience in international markets, and has traveled extensively throughout four continents, both as a supplier and procurer of products.

Jerry Hogan now shares the experience and knowledge he gained in more than 30 years as a successful executive. While teaching the principles of Human Resources Development, Strategic Planning, and World-Class Manufacturing principles, Jerry Hogan has significantly contributed to the personal and organizational success of many companies and organizations. The processes he facilitates have been proven effective in enhancing the performance of people and operations, in building teamwork, and in improving the lives of the individual participants. In addition, an organization’s bottom line is enhanced greatly when the people are performing at their peaks and processes are aligned with the objectives of the company. As president of The Resource Development Group LLC, Jerry Hogan has expanded the company throughout Indiana and has been recognized as a leader in organizational development. 

Jerry Hogan has been recognized as a leader in the network of organizational development specialists affiliated with Resource Associates Corporation of Wyomissing, PA, a world leader in the development and implementation of Leadership, Sales, Planning, and Diagnostic processes. He and his organization have received numerous awards for business growth and professional development.

Jerry Hogan is co-author of 4 textbooks and 2 other books on  Leadership Development, Sustainability and Success Strategies.

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By: Jerry Hogan, Warren Bennis, Brian Tracy, Marjorie Blanchard and ...

This book is an anthology of 17 authors, including such notables as Dr. Warren Bennis, Brian Tracy, Jerry Hogan, and Marjorie Blanchard. The chapters include discussions ranging from Bennis's "Leadership Strategies" and Tracy's "Some Timeless Truths & Principles of Success" to Hogan's "The Power of Procrastination."

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