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  • Finding and Keeping Loyal and Profitable Customers
  • Strategies for Growth, Profitability, and Management
  • Leading Your Team to Higher Success Levels
  • “Selling” for Non-Salespeople
  • Understanding Why People Behave the Way They Do—and How to Make the Most of It
  • Building Teams, and Coaching Them to Winning Habits
  • The Power of Procrastination
  • Time-Effective Strategies for Its Use

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By: Jerry Hogan, Warren Bennis, Brian Tracy, Marjorie Blanchard and ...

This book is an anthology of 17 authors, including such notables as Dr. Warren Bennis, Brian Tracy, Jerry Hogan, and Marjorie Blanchard. The chapters include discussions ranging from Bennis's "Leadership Strategies" and Tracy's "Some Timeless Truths & Principles of Success" to Hogan's "The Power of Procrastination."

$19.95 + $4.45 S&H.